Able Photo Resizer

Resize images by the batch and embed them on your website



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Able Photo Resizer is an application that lets you resize pictures taken with a smartphone or camera that are too big to upload to a webpage.

This tool allows you to change the size of the pictures by the batch, as well as send them via email or upload them to a website all at once.

This tool helps you save space on your hard drive thanks to the resizing option. You'll also save time, since it's much quicker to resize a huge group of photos than doing them one by one.

You can customize the size of the export files, choosing both the images' height and width. You can also change the size while maintaining the image's proportions.

Finally, you can modify each of the file names and you won't have formatting problems when importing or exporting: the program supports more than 60 different input and output file formats.

Trial version fully functional for 30 days.

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